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  • Only so many customers are allowed in reception at any 1 time. 

  • Hand sanitiser is available at the reception desk and registration points and all customers MUST sanitise immediately on entry.

  • A temperature check will be carried out at reception. 

  • Biometric readers will be cleaned after each client contact.


  • All staff will be provided with the following PPE;
    o Face Masks
    o Gloves


  • All clients and staff must be mindful of distancing measures while moving around the store.

  • Clients must exit the store at the end of their session with no loitering in reception area.

  • Children will not be permitted in store during this period.

  • Social distancing must be maintained in corridors and communal areas when customers & staff enter or exit rooms.


  • Clients should only approach the reception when asked by staff

  • Whilst cash will still be accepted ALL customers are to be encouraged to use contactless while in store or exact money when possible



  • Bed acrylics will be sprayed with cleaning fluid between sessions and wiped clean and dry

  • All other bed & room touch points will also be sprayed and cleaned between sessions; this also includes seating.

  • Waste bins will also be emptied by staff between sessions

  • Cleaning materials will be available should clients wish to use.


  • New lotions when sold will be sanitised on the outer packaging before handing to you.


  • It is known that Vitamin D is an essential requirement to boost and improve the immune system and protect against many viruses. We know the importance that sunshine has in the production of vitamin D.

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