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Meet our beds

At Sunbed Studios, we offer a selection of top-tier sunbeds designed to provide the ultimate tanning experience. Each sunbed is equipped with advanced technology and luxurious features to ensure you achieve a beautiful, even tan every time. Explore our three standout options and find the perfect fit for your tanning needs.

Ergoline Prestige

The Ergoline Prestige 990 Dynamic Power model with 52 body lamps and 4 ultra facial tanners excels in tanning performance.


Experience a superior tan with the Ergoline Prestige 990 Dynamic Power. This advanced sunbed ensures a deep, even tan with longer tubes and Ultra Performance Plus Technology. Enjoy ultimate comfort with features like Aqua Fresh and Aroma options, 3D sound, and perfect temperature control. Adjustable facial tanners and optional shoulder tanners provide a customized experience. Upgrade your tanning routine with the Prestige 990 for stunning results every time!

Ergoline 990
Ergoline Sunangel

Ergoline Sunangel

The Sun Angel is the only sunbed in the world with an integrated skin sensor representing sensor-safe sunbathing, proven vitamin D formation and beautiful tanning results.

Experience a worry-free tan with the SUN ANGEL. Its smart sensor measures your skin’s sensitivity and adjusts UV light to prevent sunburn. The SUN ANGEL’s unique blend of UV-A and UV-B rays mimics natural sunlight for a perfect, lasting tan. Enjoy added health benefits, including stronger bones, a healthier heart, reduced blood pressure, and increased production of dopamine, the hormone responsible for happiness.

Hapro V7 Stand-up

The standing version of our laying sunbeds gives a new perspective on sunbathing. The brightly lit interior and open-plan firing tunnel gives a relaxed open-air feeling when sunbathing.

Experience a superior tan with the V7. This advanced standing sunbed ensures a deep, even tan with innovative Ultra Performance Plus Technology. Integrated speakers lets you enjoy your favourite music, while perfect temperature control keeps you cool. With hand rails so you can tan even the hardest places to reach, Upgrade your tanning routine with the V7 for stunning results every time!

Ergoline V7 Standup

Our Prices

£1.25 per minute

Smile Stretch

Wellbeing Programs
With 2 x 6 minute sessions a week you can increase you intake of Vitamin-D or come in through the winter to maintain that holiday tan through the cold.

Tanning Courses
Spend minutes when you need them with this road to a glorious healthy tan. Get ready for that holiday weather with one of our three value for money courses.

Sun Angel Course
Have you ever wanted to have a week of tanning done in only 21 minutes?
Take a relaxing laydown on our sun angel which will adjust your tan as you go for that perfect holiday look.

16 Sessions = £96
32 Sessions = £144

Save £24
Save £40

60 Minutes = £60
80 Minutes = £80
100 Minutes = £100

Save £15
Save £20
Save £25

1 Session = £23
5 Sessions = £100
11 Sessions = £200

Save £15

Save £53

Available Discounts
Students - 10%
Blue Light Card - 10%

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