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Our Beds

At Sunbed Studios we have 3 different options when it comes to sunbeds to ensure you get one which is just right for you. Unsure which one is right for you? Pop in for a consultation during our opening hours and the staff will talk to you about each option in detail so you feel comfortable and ready with your choice.

Ergoline Prestige 990

Charismatic personalities captivate ? and the Prestige 990-S Dynamic Power in exclusive Shining Blue is no exception. Quality surfaces and brilliant effect coatings give each Prestige model that special feeling of class and classical look. Beauty is more than skin-deep, with fifty-two UV lamps and four Ultra Performance Plus facial tanners together with three additional 25W low-pressure UV-B lamps and, optionally, high-pressure shoulder tanners to give you an especially sumptuous tanning result. The enormous tanning tunnel, extra-wide Multi Relax-base acrylic and innovative cockpit control ensure optimum tanning comfort. Each sunbed comes with a host of optional comfort features available individually or in a package ? Shoulder Tan, Climatronic and Aqua Fresh & Aroma for an especially refreshing tanning experience, and a 3D Sound System with Subwoofer, MP3 dock and SD card slot to immerse any tanning session in music.

Ergoline Sunangel

Ergoline Sunangel

Tan with confidence!


  • No risk of sunburn

The Sunangel measures your skins sensitivity using its smart sensor so it will only give you as much UV light as you can safely take that day without risk of sunburn.

  • Variable UV spectrum

Unlike the sun's rays, the SUN ANGEL emits an individual UV spectrum. Intelligently blending UV-A with UV-B making better use of the UV rays to ensure that perfect lasting tan which is never more intense than natural sunlight,

  • Biopositive Benefits

Apart from a beautiful tan, using the SUN ANGEL has many positive, healthy benefits - studies carried out by Prof. Dr. Holick have demonstrated strengthened heart and bones and even reduced blood pressure. You will also enjoy increased production of the happy hormone.


Info on v7 Standup

Standups are fantastic fo achieving an all over tan. Sunbed studios recommends the use of a standup every three sessions to ensure no pressure points from lying down remain untanned. Using the top of the range Bermuda Gold tubes for a deep lasting tan in as little as six minutes.

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